Terms & Conditions

Sales & Acquisitions: 2.0% of the sale price
Lettings: 10% of the average rent and 10% of any premium.
Management: 15%

  1. This agreement shall start immediately and will continue perpetually until terminated in writing by either party and the terms herein shall continue to apply to both parties up to 6 months after the termination of this agreement or 12 months after termination in such event that a previous exchange of information has resulted or will result in a property transaction.
  2. You will ensure that all the terms of this agreement will be upheld by your employees, formal colleagues or partners, corporate, legal or accepted non-legal entities with which you may trade.
  3. For the avoidance of doubt you will not make contact either directly or indirectly with our business associates, customers, clients, vendors, tenants and introductions during our agreement and subject to terms set out in clauses 1 and 2 above without prior written consent from us .
  4. You acknowledge that we will be exchanging information of a confidential and valuable nature with the intention of concluding property transactions. As such, you agree that under no circumstances will you breach our confidence nor will you attempt to directly or indirectly circumvent us.
  5. You agree that under no circumstances will you share any information with any other parties without our prior written authorisation and without obtaining the necessary and agreed assurances of confidentiality and non-circumvention from any such party.
  6. Information may be exchanged verbally, by e-mail or other suitable forms of communication.
  7. You agree to act fairly and in good faith at all times in order to ensure that property transactions are concluded successfully and to ensure that the terms of this agreement are not breached.
  8. Should a property transaction occur our fees will be calculated as laid out in the table above and will be calculated on the total value of the transaction including any fixtures, fittings and premium. Our fees are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate. Fees become due at exchange of contracts or (if there is no contract) upon completion of the sale or the commencement of the tenancy.
  9. You have an ongoing obligation to instruct us on the disposal of any property, land or redevelopment resulting from a transaction through us. Our fees for the disposal are agreed as above.
  10. If you are a Limited Company or Partnership, we reserve the right to hold directors or partners personally liable.
  11. The responsibility for the payment of these fees remains with you. We will submit our account and you should settle the payment no later than three working days after completion or 28 days after exchange of contracts, whichever is sooner.
  12. If the account remains unpaid 10 working days after the payment due date then we reserve the right to charge daily interest on the outstanding balance at an annual rate of interest 4% above NatWest base rate from the due payment date until payment is received in full.
  13. This Agreement is subject to the laws of England and any dispute shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England. The Parties agree that in the event of any dispute where it would be more financially viable for either Party to do so, they will mutually and reasonably agree to make every effort to resolve any such dispute by way of arbitration with professional independent arbitrators in London, England.